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Automatic Delivery:

No one likes to trek out to the propane tank to check the gauge. But even worse is learning the hard way (during inclement weather, in the middle of a hot shower, or while baking a cake) that they’ve run out of propane. That’s why Brooks Gas Company offers an Automatic Delivery program. When you enroll in the program, we make sure you always have propane when you need it.

We use information about your average propane use and weather data to determine your delivery needs. This allows us to develop the most efficient delivery schedule so that we can keep costs down for you. We simply ask that you let us know if you’ve experienced any changes that could alter your use, such as having a baby or adding a propane-powered appliance.

Sign up for Automatic Delivery and forget about calling in for deliveries.

GAS Check™:

GAS Check™ is a safety program developed by the National Propane Gas Association to ensure your propane system is operating efficiently and safely.

GAS Check™ stands for Gas Appliance System Check, and is an industry-recognized safety and maintenance program to ensure proper equipment operation for your propane system. It includes a pressure test to check for leaks. We make certain that only proper materials are used in the piping system, and that your system is properly tuned to maximum efficiency. If your system needs worn or damaged equipment replaced, we can make recommendations about that, too.

Each spring, Brooks Gas Company offers special pricing on its GAS Check™ service. During this spring Maintenance Special, we include an inspection of EVERY propane appliance in your system (furnace, range, water heater, heater(s), fireplace, etc.) at a special reduced price. This comprehensive check ensures your propane system, as well as your tank, is in good working order.

We will post notices of the GAS Check™ specials on this website each spring, as well as mail information in our Spring edition of the Gas House News newsletter.

Certified, Trained Technicians:

Service you can trust – Brooks Gas Company technicians are certified and trained to repair, install and maintain your propane appliances and system. To schedule an appointment, call 417-468-2549.

24/7 Hotline:

Do you suspect a leak and/or smell propane? Or possibly, you have an out-of-gas situation? Call our 24/7 hotline at 417-468-5668.

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