The seeds of what has grown to become Brooks Gas Co. were planted in the 1940s, when the family owned and operated a furniture store. John William Brooks began selling gas ranges as part of the store merchandise, and eventually decided to deliver propane gas to customers. “Thus, the bottled gas business was started,” said Mary Ruth Brooks, Marshfield office manager. Ruth’s late husband, Bill, had begun his involvement in the family business by delivering propane after graduating high school.

By 1950, the family furniture business was sold and the main focus of the business became selling propane. At that time, Brooks Gas, with a staff of three, was the only Marshfield-based propane gas supplier. The focus was primarily within the Marshfield city limits, with coverage extending into Elkland and Niangua. “Not many people were using propane at the time,” Ruth said, “So we just started from scratch, promoting gas ranges.”

Since the early 50s, the family business has thrived. Joe and John Brooks, sons of Mary and Bill, have since joined the business. They are actively involved in the day-to-day business operations. Today, Brooks Gas Co., can provide your home with propane, keep your system running smoothly, and handle any questions you may have about your propane service, safety or appliances.

In Spring 2007, Brooks Gas Co. unveiled our new showroom in Marshfield, Missouri. The showroom houses a complete line of outdoor grills, hearth gas log inserts, as well as accessories and supplies.

Brooks Gas Co. has three convenient locations to serve all your propane needs: our original location in Marshfield, plus locations in Seymour and Conway, Missouri.